Prices & Services

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Teenager Program

Start by coming to 8 hr classroom first & we will schedule car driving appointments while they are at our office. Classroom is $75 and 6 hrs car driving is $225.

  1. Pick up and return student from home, work or school.
  2. 8 hr Classroom Instruction
  3. 6 Hours of Supervised Driving Instruction
  4. Upon successful completion, student earns an Insurance Certificate

Teenager Program
& Third Party Road Test


8 hr classroom, 6 hrs in car supervised driver training And 3rd party road test (immediately after last lesson)

Car Lessons
(For Adults and Teens)

2 hr (1 appointment): $80

2 hr w/ Road Test (2 appointments): $180

6 hr 3 (2) hr appointments: $230

6 hr 3 (2) hr appointments w/ 3rd Party Road Test: $280

4 Point Reduction & Traffic Ticket

Classroom Instruction ONLY

  1. You will be given a certificate to send to your insurance company and a copy of DMV paperwork. Four points should be on record within seven to ten working days ( provided no holidays or computer problems)
  2. If you have already received a suspension letter, please bring it with you at the time of class If you need additional copies for work, please let us know when signing in. Also, if you need it faxed, please bring the fax number with you.



Duplicate Paperwork is available for $20.00